Bridge Of Existence

   Bridges are born to link two parts which are apart. One that’s green, one that’s withered and yet another is about to sprout.

The bridge of love.

The bridge of life.

The bridge of time.

An andmiration akin with beauty which awaits both sides.

It is neighter bought nor sold. Not silver not gold

But purpose and passion hand in hand with the company and memories of those around us.

We celebrate these bridges, extending our reach and exploring the great posibilities ahead.

For science and for art, for elder and youth.

Trust in your abilities always and acknowledge the Supreme presence.

The presence in nature. 

The continuance of life.


Spotlight Impression

    One thing I’ve observed about our self-presentation/impression is a similarity which it shares with theatre or the stage and that is – you’re almost as much as always being watched.

            Whenever the spotlight falls on an actor ( a great actor) he knows there is no room for any mistake. He graciously, gracefully plays out the fullness of his character to the demands of the audience who only wish to be impressed.

   To to point now, everyday we’re constantly feasting our eyes on so many people and digesting details of their clothes, manner, gesture, and so on and in those few seconds we make our quick judgement (#impression) of them. Same goes for us too. Now how presentable are you? What impression do people have of you? Do you act consistently to the image of your brand?

      Paticularly I’m more of a T-shirt and jean kinda guy but recently I got invited by an oil firm to an exclusive corporate dinner where I had to put on a suite (I only had a white tuxedo). Soon as I stepped in hall, all heads, one after the other were reverting in my direction *only guy in white suite, who he?* Instantly I knew I was under the spotlight or in this case I was the spotlight. Alot of reputation and relationships are built on this first impression and sadly some people still take looks for granted putting on dull, ill fitting, dirty and worn out clothes which signifies nothing but a lack of self respect and human dignity. Anyways, as the night grew I became less nervous and more aware of being the only one with the sparkling white tuxedo and actually began to feel very confident in my appearance and it wasn’t like I knew anyone personally but acting with grace one would considerably think I owned the place or might as well be the new CEO. It didn’t take long to work my charm, people began to notice my smile and the way which I carried myself and just like an oasis in the desert attracting everyone’s curiosity soon found myself smiling, shaking hands, having pleasant conversations and making acquaintance with those who truely mattered. It was a lovely night for me and everyone at the dinner. A day I will always remember. All simply by Acting like a true gentleman.

Treat yourself with importance and learn to act with grace. There is no room for mistakes when you’re under
the spotlight.You mustnt fail to leave a great impression. 

The world is a stage…              


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Porsche life – Lagos

The city of lagos is indeed very very fascinating and one place that excites me most is Lagos Island. 

Whenever I hear someone mention Lekki I immediately picture the wealthy and their porsche mansions but thats not all. Just last week I was in lekki to cover a new fashion line. Now fasinated by the type of cars I saw these young rich kids cruising around lekki I had lost every intention of the reason I was there in the first place and had found a new fond interest in the Porsche automobile. As though there was some sort of porsche convention going on in lekki phase 1. These cars are indeed luxuriously exotic, slick and super fast (come-on its a porsche for pete sake) and for what seemed like the entire day, ceaselessly paraded the streets with various models of the automobile. If it interst you to know, the price range of a Porsche starts at $45, 000 – $180, 000 (do the maths in Naira value). Its just not  your average car for the average people. Its design and performance is on another much more higher level. Its “The Car“. These island kids unmistakably know whats goood! Its models include the  Cayenne, Cayman, Carrera, Panamera, Boxster, Macan and my fav the 911 turbo GTS.​

          Im so not a snitch but if I’ll have to become a whistle blower to drive one of these porsches I certainly will.. you cant be porsche without a porsche.​


Suddenly out of nowhere emerged one of the most hyped accounts on the soundcloud musical platform which I have tried hard to ignore but the social media attention surrounding this account can only gets bigger and can only be match with a handful of superstars. He has the most eccentric aray of mind blowing/suiting music ever heard and never gives out even a hint to the identity/ies of the artists, producers or whatsoever. Gossip has it his been a ghost writer for the most promising musicians and superstars. pardon me for using the words He/His its still not clear to say, LEE FINISHER identity is also a mystery although all the songs seemingly have an electronic type of voice which sound more masculine.

Next Generation Genre



 (a.k.a Classick) has been underground releasing some of the most lit mixtapes in the Nigerian rap scene. His been widely acclaimed as the next rated and most likely leader of the new school. His big joint supermotivated blew the minds of all music lovers out there with its precise  HipHop/R&B style which sound more 1992 funk balance with new style rap. His definately the kid to look out for.