Porsche life – Lagos

The city of lagos is indeed very very fascinating and one place that excites me most is Lagos Island. 

Whenever I hear someone mention Lekki I immediately picture the wealthy and their porsche mansions but thats not all. Just last week I was in lekki to cover a new fashion line. Now fasinated by the type of cars I saw these young rich kids cruising around lekki I had lost every intention of the reason I was there in the first place and had found a new fond interest in the Porsche automobile. As though there was some sort of porsche convention going on in lekki phase 1. These cars are indeed luxuriously exotic, slick and super fast (come-on its a porsche for pete sake) and for what seemed like the entire day, ceaselessly paraded the streets with various models of the automobile. If it interst you to know, the price range of a Porsche starts at $45, 000 – $180, 000 (do the maths in Naira value). Its just not  your average car for the average people. Its design and performance is on another much more higher level. Its “The Car“. These island kids unmistakably know whats goood! Its models include the  Cayenne, Cayman, Carrera, Panamera, Boxster, Macan and my fav the 911 turbo GTS.​

          Im so not a snitch but if I’ll have to become a whistle blower to drive one of these porsches I certainly will.. you cant be porsche without a porsche.​


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